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Off The Diamond: An Internship Experience With Pacifics Outfielder Demetrius Moorer

San Rafael, CA – For any professional baseball player, there is life after baseball. After playing his first season of professional baseball as a member of the Pacifics, Demetrius Moorer took his first step towards preparing for a post playing career. For the last six weeks, Moorer has been one of the Pacifics front office interns.

“My only goal coming out here was to finish my first year in professional baseball.” Moorer said. “It is truly a blessing though that the Pacifics are letting me complete an internship that will help me finish my college degree.”

Many baseball players have to put off finishing school in order to get their first crack at playing professionally, so most schoolwork is finished during the offseason. Moorer, who attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, only needed a certain number of internship credit hours to allow him to graduate, but it was his own mother who suggested that sticking around San Rafael might be the perfect solution.

“My mother asked me what my plans were in terms of finishing the internship, and I told her that I didn’t have a set area that I wanted to go into.” Moorer stated. “She recommended that I ask Pacifics President and General Manager Mike Shapiro about interning with the Pacifics, and the next day I talked to him about it, and he welcomed me in with open arms.”

During his time in the Pacifics front office, Moorer has learned about how a professional sports organization works off the field. From marketing to promotions to sales, Moorer has dabbled in most departments of the organization. However, his primary focus has been in the sales department, mainly examining contracts to ensure sponsorship fulfillment.

“Having looked at all of these contracts, from a players perspective I see that everything we do has a purpose.” Moorer explained. “Whether it’s attending a pregame event or wearing a certain hat, we are fulfilling a sponsorship agreement, and that goes a long way to making sure the organization can run properly.”

Pacifics President and General Manager Mike Shapiro sees great potential in Moorer in the sports industry once his playing career is over.

“Demetrius got a handle on how this business works much quicker than most.” Shapiro said. “His understanding of how an organization is supposed to run will help him rise the ranks. I fully expect him to own or run a team one day.”

While Moorer’s goal is to one day play in the major leagues, his internship experience has proven to him that he isn’t limited to just playing.

“I can broaden my horizons and take what I’ve learned here and apply it to other places.” Moorer stated. “I have a lot of options, which I know will bring success moving forward.”


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