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Association President

A former professional ballplayer with the Expos, Nationals, Rockies, Phillies, Astros, and Dodgers organizations, Suarez began owning and operating minor league franchises after he retired in 2013.  He started with the Joplin Blasters from 2013 to 2016 and continued with the Cleburne Railroaders from 2016 to 2018.  Suarez has also branched out into golf where he co-founded and owns the Elite Golf Tour, a professional and developmental tour based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Along with sports, Suarez has been running a real estate business in Arizona since 2009, focusing on property management, rentals, and investments. Suarez purchased the Pacifics in 2018 and intends to expand professional baseball in Marin County.

Operations & Graphic Designer

Delaine Robinson will serve as the team’s operations manager, website director, and graphic designer.  Delaine worked with the Joplin Blasters for three years, running the team’s front office while also teaching high school in Columbus, KS. She coordinates student group tours to Europe and has taken groups to England, France, Italy, and Bavaria. Her love of travel is only matched by her love for baseball.

IT Operations & Brand Compliance

Tiffany-Louise Ozherelyeva works for the Pacifics managing IT operations and brand compliance for the team.  Ozherelyeva is an accomplished SME brand activator, startup specialist, and compliance advisor founding Illumines in 2011, a company that assists businesses with establishing their brands, implementing sustainable business practices, and building their companies. She is also the Chief Brand Officer for Elite Tour™, the progressive tour for professional golfers, and is completing her law degree.